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January 22, 2016 - March 26, 2016

Group exhibition exploring artwork created during insomnia, curated by Alexi Rutsch Brock

Pelham Art Center is pleased to present insomnia, a group exhibition featuring twelve artists, on view Friday, January 22, 2016 through Saturday, March 26, 2016. Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep as long as desired. Artists have famously used this time creatively to originate new ideas and deepen their existing pursuits. insomnia highlights work produced during a period of time between sleep and wakefulness, at the sweet spot of creativity. 


Curator Alexi Rutsch-Brock credits social media as a productive interface for insomniac artists to discuss, critique, and develop virtual friendships, a result of which culminated in this exhibition of twelve artists. “Having insomnia brings forth two things for me: creativity in the studio and being an observer on my iPad,” said Ms. Rutsch-Brock.  “I spend my time around 3 a.m. going through Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, finding other artists who are also awake, posting images, and having discussions about these visuals.”


Drawing, painting, and constructing whatever thoughts, memories and images surface, the exhibiting artists use this productive period in a myriad of ways: to wind down and relax, to finally be alone, or to meditate and heal. These “night studio” results are the embodiment of all the impulses, sources, and motifs inspiring their work. When the artists post these images to social networks, they are giving the rest of the world a peek into their conscious and unconscious worlds, now on display here.


The opening reception will include a free all-ages hands-on craft workshop on Friday, January 22, 2016 from 6:30-8:00pm.


Artists: Lauren Britton, Alexi Rutsch Brock, Eric Brown, Lucy Mink Covello, Anki King, Kerry Law , Ola Manana, John Mitchell, Katherine Mojzsis, Jason Rohlf, Julia Schwartz, Peridot Smith