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September 9 - October 22, 2016

Constructing New Photographies

“Constructing New Photographies” is an exhibition of three contemporary photographers that examines the new uses of photography to re-imagine the field.

With the omnipresence of images in our lives and the ubiquitous use of iPhones as cameras, emerging and seasoned photographers are finding new ways to distinguish their work in the field. Moving beyond a simple visual record, photography now has the ability to be “infinitely flexible,” holding vast amounts of information, working with apps and technologies which are just starting to be understood; photographs are operating on multiple levels and dimensions. As we move beyond the photograph as artifact or memento, from analog to digital, from memory to social act, we enter into a new era in which the idea of the philosopher and cultural critic, Walter Benjamin's “aura: the presence in time and space, it’s unique existence at the place where it begins;” is brought to a level of “Aura 2.0.” It becomes a place where artists can reclaim individuality and “locatedness” in situated photographs making not just any copy but a unique image which is irreplaceable and idiosyncratic.  This exhibition explores these new photographic worlds. Curated by Stacy Miller.



Magali Duzant

Jim Ramer

Carol Warner